Monday June 24th, 2024
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El Korba's Baogr Literally Makes Bao-Based Burgers!

Get your patties bao-ed at this Heliopolis hot spot.

Layla Raik

El Korba's Baogr Literally Makes Bao-Based Burgers!

Sure, burgers are a classic go-to for the ravenous and the particularly munchy, but when do cross the line from classic to just… boring? Is it possible that the infamous beef burger has perhaps become too 2000-and-late while we, miles ahead, are so 2008?

No one can tell for sure, and frankly we don’t really care. What really matters is that you can now get your burgers bao-ed at cool kid hot spot Baogr, a feat that, besides being infinitely cooler than the regular burger, is also considerably healthier and diversely delicious. Serving us a much-needed upgrade from the ol’ beef patty, Baogr also dishes out a delicious selection of multi-cultural steak, chicken, duck, shrimp, turkey and even mushroom concocted sandos combining American and Asian flavours.

This is, of course, not to mention dessert, which involves a lot of Nutella and banana. If you’re anything like us, you'll drag your hangry work besties for a communal feast (purely for the thrill of trying as many flavours as possible) ASAP.


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