Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Experience Egypt on a Plate with Mivida's Cairo's

Tying this New Cairo restaurant together is the sentiment that Egypt’s homemade food will always set the bar highest.

Patrick Davies

Experience Egypt on a Plate with Mivida's Cairo's

Egyptian food in Egypt is a surprisingly contentious subject, largely due to the universal supremacy of our mothers' cooking. So, it's refreshing to find a restaurant that accepts this home truth and aims to provide the closest thing to your mum’s molokhia, shish taouk, or kofta. Enter Cairo’s, Mivida’s latest culinary hotspot showcasing this country’s fantastic food.

“At Cairo’s, we embrace the sentiment that homemade food is the best,” Mohamed Serag, Founder and CEO of Cairo’s, tells SceneEats. “We see it as both a compliment and a challenge to ensure our dishes evoke the warmth and authenticity of home-cooked meals.”

It is with that passion that Cairo’s tackles Egypt’s most beloved dishes. “Cairo’s was born out of a profound love for Egyptian cuisine and a desire to showcase its rich flavours to the world,” says Serag. “I was inspired by my experiences growing up in Egypt, surrounded by the vibrant culinary traditions that define our culture.”

Finding truly authentic Egyptian food in New Cairo’s suburbs is not as straightforward as one might expect, with Downtown still monopolising the traditional food scene in many people’s eyes. But this new spot in Mivida is changing that.

Sure, we’re lucky to have so many international food offerings in the city, but sometimes you can’t beat a flaky, unctuous feteer or a rice muammar tajine with pigeon - Serag’s favourite dish at the restaurant. “That plate of goodness embodies the essence of Egyptian street food and combines diverse flavours and textures. It’s a comfort food that brings back fond memories of my childhood,” Serag recalls.

Tying the Cairo’s experience together is the deeply held belief that the highest bar against which to measure Egypt’s food is our mothers’ cooking. “Our goal is to make everyone feel like they are enjoying a meal prepared with the same love and care they would find in their own homes.”


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