Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Heliopolis' Cio Lets You Cut, Roll, Sauce & Savour Your Own Pasta

You truly are the pasta you eat at Heliopolis’ Cio.

Layla Raik

In the wake of recent events (with shirtless chefs dominating our TikTok and Reels explore pages), the world is witnessing a generational shift toward the culinary domain. Despite a lifetime of relying on pre-packaged toast from supermarkets, numerous kitchen novices have unexpectedly embraced the art of baking sourdough, nurturing herbs, and even handcrafting pasta.

This global culinary slowdown is driven by a simple desire for enjoyment. Cio, a well-concealed Italian gem nestled in Heliopolis, wholeheartedly believes in the transformative power of fun. The establishment warmly invites pasta enthusiasts to partake in an exclusive behind-the-counter experience, where you can cut, roll, and sauce your very own macaroni without the fuss of ingredient preparation. Once the apron comes off, the gratifying reward awaits - a plate of the most delectable pesto you've ever tasted, irrespective of your culinary prowess.

However, Cio offers more than just labor-intensive endeavors. The establishment also delights in serving wood-fired pizzas, fresh salads, and decadent sweet cannolis. Whether you seek a hands-on pasta adventure or prefer ready-to-devour delicacies, Cio beckons you to its doorstep at 21 Cleopatra St. Almaza, Heliopolis, Cairo.


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