Monday June 24th, 2024
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Inside Mega's First Experiential Creamery

The grocery store staple just became a luxurious walk-in experience in New Cairo’s District 5.

Layla Raik

Inside Mega's First Experiential Creamery

Our childhood summer days spent in front of the freezer at the grocery store while our moms shopped for more frivolous supplies like milk and eggs have made us into something of ice cream connoisseurs. So much so that we now stare down colourful supermarket freezers with disdain and an endless stream of “if only”s. If only the double chocolate came with sprinkles, if only the caramel cream came with white chocolate icing instead – our inner critic groused to no end.

To come to our nitpicky rescue, Mega has launched a fully-fledged ice cream experience at New Cairo’s District 5. The fan-favourite brand has expanded its familiar interface into a luxurious walk-in creamery that immerses visitors in a rich gelato experience, with build-your-own options.

And it’s exactly what it sounds like.The creamery allows you to choose your base (your stick), cover it in the icing of your choosing (pistachio, anyone?) and then embellish it in nut crumbs or colourful sprinkles, merging a cosy air with unfaltering Mega quality. Think Willy Wonka on ice with a dollop of lactose.


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