Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Ismailia-Famous Café Frio Lands in Amwaj North Coast

The beloved coffee shop is migrating North for the summer.

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Ismailia-Famous Café Frio Lands in Amwaj North Coast

“Expanding Frio to Sahel is not just about extending our reach; it’s about sharing our vision of community and family,” explains Fares Abdallah, the founder of Frio, “As we expand to move closer to you, we’re sowing seeds of connection and growth, where every sip at Frio embodies our commitment to our vision; to love people & love coffee.”

Frio, the quaint Ismailia cafe is everything every small-town light academia geek ever needed, is finally coming to bring us iced Spanish lattes by the beach.

Serving as a human gas station, Frio has something for everyone. An extensive hot and cold coffee menu (duh) for caffeine enthusiasts, tea and matcha variations for the health fiends and a range of smoothies and mocktails for those of us who just need to feel something, even if the something is the jolting shock of icy fizz going down our throat at 11 AM. To put it short, Frio’s landing in Amwaj North Coast is set to supply us with our iced - or hot, if you’re a diagnosed sociopath - drink needs all summer long.


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