Sunday April 14th, 2024
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New Cairo’s Crumbs Serves Loaded Breakfast Egg Buns

Tucked away in Fast Pass Mall, Crumbs’ messy egg buns prove to be the ultimate hangover cure.

Riham Issa

New Cairo’s Crumbs Serves Loaded Breakfast Egg Buns

On the morning after Valentine’s Day – a rather eventual schmaltz affair of which my only recollections were gulping down my fifth flute of red wine – a greasy egg-based breakfast proved to be my ultimate hangover-curing meal. Especially if it’s as messy and loaded as Crumbs’ signature egg buns. Had I discovered their secret breakfast section before…well, let me just say, I wouldn’t have been the prima donna I am today, yeah?

Tucked in New Cairo’s Fast Pass Mall, Crumbs is a newfound humble restaurant offering a spicy and quirky rendition of our breakfast staple; eggs. Donning black glasses in a futile attempt to glam up my dishevelled appearance, I took a seat at one of their rustic wooden tables and proceeded to place my order. In a matter of minutes, my table became adorned with an array of flavourful egg-based delights, from scrumptious sunrise fried eggs and bacon to their signature juicy bikini scramble, almost everything came in a soft potato bun.

Akin to London’s famous Eggslut restaurant, Crumbs’ cheesy scrambled patty proved to be a chaotic messy affair of buttery eggs scrambled to fluffy perfection, bathed in molten cheddar cheese sauce, and wrapped ever so tightly in the gentle firmness of a glazed bun. As I took the first bite, yolk and sauce started squirting out of the generously filled bun and dripping down my chin. I ignored the scolding voice in my head that kept telling me I should have kept a handful of tissues nearby, and wolfed down the whole tray.

Honestly, if I weren’t nursing such a monstrous hangover (with no care to retain my decorum whatsoever), I would’ve stuck around to grab a bite of their sizzling smashed burgers and crispy fried chicken bites. As I departed ways with Crumbs to complete my recovery, I made a mental note to pay them another visit to try their non-egg concoctions - puffy waffley patties included.


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