Monday July 22nd, 2024
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New Online Chocolatier ‘Scoff’ Turns Everything into Chocolate Slabs

If you can dream it, they can chocolate it.

Layla Raik

New Online Chocolatier ‘Scoff’ Turns Everything into Chocolate Slabs

Let’s face it: the chocolate market is oversaturated yet monotonous. Supermarket aisles are packed with various global and local brands that are either consistently underwhelming, boycotted, or just plain boring. What if we crave something different?

Local chocolatier Scoff brings a colourful outlook to our cocoa consumption, both figuratively and literally. Transforming the bleak future of our chocolate cravings into a vibrant reality, Scoff crafts chocolate in various shades: hues of pink, green, milk, dark, and white find their way into Scoff’s delectable slabs.

Available in 100g quarters, 200g halves, and full 400g slabs, Scoff’s chocolate comes in a range of nut and fruit flavours. Options include pecan, pistachio, hazelnut, and more, all potentially added to milk, white, and dark chocolate bases. Notably, Scoff offers a unique pistachio cream flavour, which can be mixed with milk chocolate or enjoyed on its own, capturing the explosive flavour of the nut without the crunch—like a munch-able pistachio latte.

Other slabs are infused with strawberry, dried banana, raspberry, feuilletine, peanut butter, and honeycomb. For dedicated chocolate fiends, there’s the Triple Chocolate Slab, a heavenly mix of white, milk, and dark chocolate. An extensive menu of chocolate variations satisfies every type of sweet tooth—incisors, molars, you name it—but if you’re still not satisfied, you can design your own slab, and Scoff will bring it to life.

Beyond slabs, Scoff offers an array of chocolate-covered bites. Indulge in honeycomb, kunafa (nut-infused or not), caramelised biscuits, and even a cookie-and-cream mix dipped in velvety milk chocolate. You can even order these bites in bulk, ensuring a flavour for every craving. That’s what we’ll be doing, anyway.


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