Monday April 15th, 2024
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Nude Bakery Now Serves Savoury Donuts

NY-style bagels will never be the same.

Layla Raik

Nude Bakery Now Serves Savoury Donuts

Here to save us from the impending shackles of a That Girl lifestyle, Nude Bakery is (thankfully) robbing us of our hyper-capitalist NY City Wall Street fantasies and bringing us down to earth with an enemy the city’s bagels couldn’t see coming: the savoury doughnut.

Infamous for their sweet treats, from delicate croissants to chewy cookies and all the way through every shade of donut, Nude has taken solidarity with all of us petty bleeps and decided to take a saltier path. The artisanal bakery’s savoury donut is, however, considerably fluffier than our revenge plans, generously loaded with delicious cream cheese and zaatar encrusted to fit the perfect breakfast/brunch in a single donut.

Drag your work bestie out to try the new treat now available at The Park, Mall of Arabia or the Promenade, New Cairo. You can also order a batch to the office through their website.


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