Wednesday June 19th, 2024
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Roy’s at The Cairo Marriott Hotel is Briskin’ it All Day Every Day

Writing its own west side story in Zamalek, Roy’s Smokehouse is satiating the cravings of all Cairene carnivores.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Roy’s at The Cairo Marriott Hotel is Briskin’ it All Day Every Day

Big city cookin’ with a side of west side small town ambiance, Roy’s Smokehouse is bringing lone-star lovin’ to the heart of Cairo. When Roy’s Smokehouse - then Roy Rogers - started serving sumptuous south-side style burgers at the Cairo Marriott Hotel in the 1980’s, the people were pleased and appeased by this newly-introduced take on the quickly rising fast-food favorite, and soon enough Roy Rogers turned into Roy’s Smokehouse Country Kitchen serving up Tex-Mex specialties from fajitas to enchiladas.

But still, something felt amiss. Perhaps the flames weren’t flamin’ enough, maybe carnivorous palates ached for something more…thick? Juicy? Mayhaps Roy’s Smokehouse just simply yearned to be at the forefront of a culinary revolution, and that they absolutely did. Now a hot fiery smokehouse through and through, Roy’s Smokehouse at The Cairo Marriott Hotel is bringing an authentic Texan experience to Zamalek.

From red wine-infused rib-eye to slow-braised Texas brisket, Roy’s Smokehouse masters the art of smoking. Each dish, whether premium cuts, pastramis, or chargrilled chicken, fulfills meat enthusiasts' deepest cravings. Their sausages would rival even the mightiest German eateries. But here's the kicker: Roy's Smokehouse not only delivers mouthwatering meals but also a live smokery spectacle, because let's face it - dining here without that show? Unthinkable.

With hasselback potatoes, mac and cheese, and smoked wings with blue cheese dip on your side, there’s not much in life you can’t take on…

Open daily from 12 PM to 12 AM, Roy's Smokehouse is your go-to, whether it's for calming those first-date jitters or treating the family to a cozy cookout (where Dad gets a break from the grill, thankfully). It's a surefire choice for any occasion.

Feeling all smoked-up? Reach out to +202 27394631


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