Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Sun, Sea & Sushi Delights at the North Coast’s Kiki's Beach Bar

At Kiki’s, the mantra is clear…a little hedonism never hurts anybody.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Sun, Sea & Sushi Delights at the North Coast’s Kiki's Beach Bar

Bathed in radiant sunlight, Kiki’s beach bar exudes an intoxicating energy along the shores of the North Coast. The laughter's melody, springing from this beachside haven, seamlessly intertwines with the tender caress of crystal blue waves against the sand, encapsulating the essence of vibrant summer nights of dance and leisurely afternoons of libation.

Since its inception, Kiki's has cemented its reputation as the hottest beach destination with Its curated music playlists and infectious vibes, coaxing people to their feet to sway and groove to rhythm. Fosters the spirit of community, Kiki’s draws people together to soak up the sunshine, feast on Mediterranean flavours and toast to life's simple pleasures.

And so the mantra is clear - at Kiki's, you indulge in a little hedonism. From an ever-evolving array of creative cocktails, each one a tantalising blend of flavours, to an extensive menu brimming with shareable Mediterranean platters, Kiki’s has made its mark on the North Coast culinary scene over the last three years.

While there isn’t a rulebook dictating what exactly is the right way to start your day, alfresco by the beach with Kiki’s breakfast menu pretty much takes the cake. Oriental classics followed by their signature ‘Yalahwii’ pancakes will have you whispering - you guessed it - ‘Yalahwii’ after each bite.

But the gourmande dream doesn’t quite end there. With the newly added Sushi menu providing patrons with a diverse range of options to satisfy their palates. Kiki’s is exploring a fusion of Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine, perfectly complemented by coral-blue waves and salty breeze.

From Feta and Figs salad, Halloumi Couscous, and Parmigiana Moussaka to Tuna Tartare and Truffle Salmon Philadelphia rolls, in Kiki's realm, every day is a bite by the beach day and every night, a starry culinary affair. And consider this a friendly reminder not to leave without trying the Yalahwii pancakes.


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