Sunday March 3rd, 2024
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Wasfa Saree’a: Rapid Fire Recipes With PepsiCo Egypt (Suhoor Sunbites)

Baladi bread, you’ve got competition.

Farida El Shafie

We’ve dipped everything we could in platefuls of hummus and tomato topped cheese. Carrots were compromised in pursuit of healthy lifestyles, baladi bread was inhaled in the face of their olive oil filled centre, and countless leftover French fries found themselves embroiled in the creamy concoctions. But just when we thought we’d exhausted all options, a crispier solution was found thanks to local food and beverage saviours, @pepsicoegypt - Sunbites.

In this episode of Wasfa Saree’a, PepsiCo Egypt and Scene Eats partnered with chef Marwa Mehanna to turn the crunchy snack into a light wait accompaniment to your early morning suhoors. Pro tip: pair the concoction with a PepsiCo Egypt can of 7UP so you can freely bid any lingering Iftar-induced heartburn farewell.


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