Monday May 20th, 2024
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Cairo’s Not Toys Collaborates with NBA’s James Harden in Houston

The ‘Harden Fudge III’ sculpture decorates Harden’s bar and lounge, Thirteen.

Karim Abdullatif

Cairo’s Not Toys Collaborates with NBA’s James Harden in Houston

Cairo-born designer toys brand Not Toys has unveiled a collaboration with James Harden, the American NBA star currently playing with the LA Clippers, by creating custom sculptures for Thirteen, Harden’s brand new lounge and bar in Houston. Dubbed ‘Fudge Harden III’, the sculptures were conceived when Studio Five - the Cairo-based design house behind Not Toys - was working on Harden’s lounge, back when the point guard was with the Philadelphia 76ers.

“When we learned that Harden was interested in custom-made pieces we were surprised, given Not Toys’ limited US presence,” Jacinthe Aldeeb, Brand Manager at Not Toys, tells #SceneHome. “Studio Five had designed Thirteen two years, and we were working on renovations when Harden asked to create a character.”Naturally, any good toy should come with a good backstory, and Fudge Harden III’s story is inspired by Harden's basketball legacy. “Fudge's admiration for Harden led to a deep bond between the two, evolving from fan and idol to a brotherly relationship,” Aldeeb says. “With Harden's guidance and support, Fudge has been honing his basketball skills, aspiring to follow in his mentor's footsteps and make it to the NBA.”

Out of this powerful bond between mentor and mentee emerged the concept of customized 'James Harden' Fudge art pieces and gold-plated keychains, combining Harden's iconic image with Fudge's whimsical charm, as well as a giant Fudge standing at the edge of Thirteen’s bar. “Harden’s well known for his beard, all illustrations of him feature it. It’s an icon, part of his profile. So we highlighted it when creating the sculpture,” Aldeeb explains.

For Not Toys, this collaboration marks another milestone in their journey to redefine the world of designer toys. Launched in early 2021, Not Toys quickly garnered attention for their unique and captivating creations, seamlessly taking over Cairo.


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