Thursday May 30th, 2024
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NEOM Unveils 450-Metre-Long Bridge Hotel Over Gulf of Aqaba

Mark Foster Gage Architects lift up the hotel to protect the existing ecosystem and appreciate the stunning landscape.

Karim Abdullatif

NEOM Unveils 450-Metre-Long Bridge Hotel Over Gulf of Aqaba

Elevated to offer a vantage point of Gulf of Aqaba, Treyam - a luxury hotel unveiled by NEOM - runs 450 metres long, acting as a bridge suspended over the Red Sea waters. US-based Mark Foster Gage Architects conceived the design to offer a new perspective on how architecture will engage with nature in the future.

“You have an opportunity to go at a higher vantage point and appreciate the Gulf of Aqaba from this breathtaking view,” Mark Foster Gage tells SceneHome. “Our idea was to lift the entire hotel above the marine life.”

Offering a unique view of land that hasn’t been touched for years, protecting precious coral life was of paramount importance. “Each of the rooms has a partially glass floor. You’re literally hovering over an entire underwater ecosystem and looking out over the vastness and beauty of the natural world.”

The 450-metre-long hotel will host 250-rooms that also have a partially glass ceiling, which means guests can stargaze from the comfort of their homes. Set to be built 10km north of The Line, Treyam becomes the latest of a series of developments shaping the future of NEOM, with a design approach that’s conscious of the natural world.


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