Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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A Pinnacle of Possibilities: AlUla’s Dazzling 2023-2024 Event Lineup

From soul-stirring music to artistic odysseys, here's a curated guide to AlUla Moment’s 2023-2024 calendar.

Farida El Shafie

In the heart of Saudi Arabia's ancient marvel, AlUla, an exuberant symphony of experiences await discerning travellers and curious adventurers alike. As the dawn light dances upon age-old sandstone canyons, a mesmerising tapestry of events, each more captivating than the last, beckon visitors from around the globe.

“AlUla is quickly reasserting itself as the vibrant hub for creative and immersive encounters that it was thousands of years ago,” Rami Al Mouallim, Vice President, Destination Management and Marketing at The Royal Commission for AlUla tells Scene Traveller. “From ancient wonders to contemporary festivals and events, the upcoming season at AlUla offers a transformative journey that will leave a lasting impression on every visitor."

From soul-stirring music to artistic odysseys, here's a curated guide to AlUla Moment’s 2023-2024 calendar.\


September 21st - September 22nd 2023

In a crescendo of culture and creativity, the AZIMUTH festival unfurls its splendour on September 21, synchronising with Saudi National Day. This sonic extravaganza, an artistic junction between local luminaries and global maestros, promises to be an unforgettable melange of rhythms and resonances. On stage, the likes of Jorja Smith, Shkoon Live, Thievery Corporation, Âme & Dixon, Tinariwen, Chet Faker and Dope Lemon unite, transforming AlUla into a symphonic sanctuary.ALULA WELLNESS FESTIVAL

October 19th – November 5th 2023

From October 19th to November 5th, AlUla Wellness Festival emerges as a haven for holistic rejuvenation. Amidst a landscape that seems to echo with ancient whispers, international luminaries in the realms of yoga and meditation converge with local gurus to orchestrate a festival of well-being. The serene Sanctuary Five becomes a haven for sensory exploration, while art therapy, Ayurveda, and sound-healing unveil pathways to inner tranquillity.


November 17th – December 2nd 2023

Returning in its second chapter, the Ancient Kingdoms Festival weaves narratives of wonder, transporting visitors through time itself. Amid the luminous shadows of Hegra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the festival becomes a celebration of history's tapestry. This edition marks the 15th year jubilee of Hegra's inscription, with ethereal performances and immersive explorations illuminating the Nabataean marvel.


December 21st – January 27th 2023-2024

As winter's embrace enrobes AlUla, the symphony of Winter at Tantora unfolds. From December 21 to January 21, a calendar of geological wonders, captivating arts, dreamy melodies, and avant-garde fashion takes centre stage. Amidst this cultural mosaic, the Citrus Festival dazzles, and the AlUla Trail Race beckons intrepid athletes and enthusiasts to traverse the realm's grandeur.


January 17th – January 20th 2024

From January 17th to January 20th, the Richard Mille AlUla Desert Polo gallops back, weaving a tale of grace and grandeur against an ageless desert canvas. A collision of elegance and athleticism, this event brings teams from St Tropez to La Dolfina, showcasing horsemanship that transcends time and tradition, against the timeless backdrop of AlUla.


February 8th - March 2nd 2024

In 2024, the AlUla Arts Festival invites the world's art aficionados to interact with the dynamic creative spirit rooted in AlUla's antiquity, carrying forth to today. From February 8th to March 2nd, this immersive event will celebrate contemporary visual and public art, design, and curated cinema with exclusive art tours and artist residencies. At AlUla’s mixed-use creative hub, Madrasat Addeera, hands-on workshops await, offering explorations in crafts like palm weaving, pottery, jewellery making, 3D design and textiles.


February 2024

February unveils the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Endurance Cup, a venerable fixture in the global equestrian stage. Riding on the wings of tradition, this 120 km test of endurance summons the world's finest riders to AlUla's embracing desert. With heritage as a backdrop, the equestrian ballet commences, a celebration of endurance and camaraderie.


April 10th – April 20th 2024

Continuing the winter saga, the AlUla Skies Festival takes flight, offering an ethereal perspective of the city's landscapes. Hot air balloons, helicopter tours, stargazing, and drone displays shape an enchanting encounter with the celestial realm. As stars cast their shimmering glow, AlUla's nocturnal beauty becomes a journey above the ordinary.


April 2024

Returning in April 2024, the AlUla Camel Cup reignites the Saudi Arabian racing season. A fusion of tradition and modernity, this event transforms camel racing into a vivacious spectacle. The desert arena witnesses thrilling races, retail marvels, and captivating moments that intertwine heritage with innovation.


June 2024

In the searing embrace of AlUla's landscape, the second edition of Desert Blaze emerges as a testament to human perseverance. Amid temperatures soaring to 42°C, athletes and adventurers converge to transcend their limits. With routes intertwining history and geography, the event transforms into an odyssey of body and spirit, where past and present collide.

AlUla's 2024 events, each a chapter in the city's living narrative, summon travellers to witness history's pulse echoing through modernity's beat. As stars twinkle in AlUla's expansive sky and canyons harbour secrets, one thing is certain - the canvas of AlUla is painted with experiences as diverse as the desert's shifting sands. In this symphony of culture and creation, visitors become explorers, curators of memory, and witnesses to a timeless dance of past and present.



In its third edition, Desert X AlUla unfurls an artistic mirage against the sweeping landscape. Expansive installations bridge art and geography, resonating in profound harmony. Amid this artistic reverie, a new gallery blooms within Maraya, conjuring an immersive encounter between art and space, an unmissable dalliance for arts aficionados.


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