Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Move Aside Dating Apps - Muzz is Here to Help Muslims Put a Ring on It

Matchmaking app Muzz has been helping young Muslims arrange their own marriages worldwide, and now it’s finally in Egypt.

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Move Aside Dating Apps - Muzz is Here to Help Muslims Put a Ring on It

“MashAllah sister, where did you find that ‘muzz’?

“Well, you would not believe this…”

The almost-terrifyingly-fast onslaught of our mid-20s often brings upon a certain dreaded seven letter Arabic word at any and all occasions that may even allude to a sliver of happily ever afters: ‘Oo’balek’. The word, which roughly translates to “you’re next,” admittedly sounds both like a promise and a threat, and while it most certainly connotes the former - unless you’re at a funeral - being consistently showered with, “I hope you’re next,” in the context of tying the knot can be quite overwhelming, and for good reason - who wants to be reminded that they’re single at every given moment?

The world has changed, let’s admit that much, and that is perhaps something traditional Muslim parents may not be completely aware of. While arranged marriages may have served our forebears well, in this digital day and age they’re more often than not recipes for law-firm-bill-sponsored disasters. And so taking matters into its own digital hands, Muzz, the world’s leading Muslim dating and marriage app, sought to put nagging aunties out of business and hand the keys over to the spouses-to-be themselves.

Launched in 2015 in Essex, England, Muzz has quickly become an international digital sensation for Muslims across the globe, and a little less than a decade later, Muzz is here to play marriage-maker in Egypt.

Marriages in Islam come with a lot of conditions that ensure the protection of both parties' rights, the promotion of mutual respect and love, and the fulfillment of spiritual and ethical responsibilities. Most importantly, these marriages are built upon two crucial bases: love and compassion (mawaddah and rahmah), all things Muzz aims to uphold through its services. Operating in over 100 countries with teams in Egypt, UAE, KSA, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, UK, Canada, USA, Germany, and many more, Muzz boasts a hefty user base of over 10 million singles looking to find the forever matches. But how exactly does it work?

Tailored to serve Muslim singles in a manner that upholds religious ideals and limitations, Muzz more or less works the same way every other dating app does, albeit with a few alterations to cater to Middle Eastern cultural norms. Particularly safe for women users, Muzz employs several verification methods to ensure that the person you’re matching with is indeed who they claim to be. In other words, the only catfish here will probably be at the seafood restaurant that your match recommends in their bio. 

Unlike some other apps out there, you won’t even feel the need to keep this one a secret. All about transparency in line with familial virtues, Muzz has a special feature that (optionally) allows a third party to bear witness to your interactions with your matches; be it a parent, a sibling, or even the bestie who now won’t need the recap since they’re getting the live show. So now your betrothed-to-be will have to think twice before asking what color your prayer mat is, lest your digital chaperone take offense. 

With over 500,000 successful stories that found their soulmates through Muzz thus far, the app brings together over 500 couples on the daily, with more and more tying the knot as time goes by. A global app in nature, Muzz works on finding worldwide matches, not just ones in your home country, because the truth is, real love transcends borders. 

Amongst the lawfully-wedded couples who found each other on Muzz, Ahmed from Egypt and Fatima from Indonesia - now married and residing in Cairo, Egypt - are a real life success story. “In sickness and in health, we’re in it together. I feel secure with her,” Ahmed shares with CairoScene. “I just wanted to find my soulmate, not just someone who cares about the superficial things.”

Speaking to Fatima - and her father - through Muzz, the pair fell in love, with Fatima hopping on a flight to Egypt, and laying the rest down in their own personal history books. “The first time we met was at the airport, and he was exactly the person I expected him to be,” Fatima shares. ou can check out their full story here.

In terms of the app itself, advanced filters make finding your ideal partner easier. You can set your preferences based on religiousness, location, personality preferences and age to ensure you and your future partner are on the same page from the get-go. And if perhaps you’re not looking for the ‘Ramy’ to your ‘Jasmine’, you’ll be glad to hear Muzz has a community-centric aspect to it, where you may connect with communities of Muslim women and men all throughout the world, building and maintaining friendships with like-minded individuals.

So if you’re looking for the love of your life, and you’re tired of Tante Gigi’s constant and consistent nagging about how her unemployed son Tarek is the man of your dreams, you’ll want to check out Muzz on the app store, and start building that halal romantic future.


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