Thursday May 30th, 2024
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The UAE’s Most Eccentric Restaurants & Cafés

From live owls to Viking-themed fire shows, the Emirates’ food and drink scene always keeps you guessing.

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The UAE’s Most Eccentric Restaurants & Cafés

The UAE’s culinary scene is so rich that for some, it may no longer be enough to present us with a world-class menu of gastronomic excellence - you’ll need to give us an experiential feast for all the senses. Luckily, the Emirates is teeming with eccentric restaurants and cafes that have heads turning every which way, from live owls and viking fire dances to 65,000-fish aquariums and interactive art tables. Take a gander at our list, and save these spots for the next time you fancy something really different…

Seven Paintings

Multimedia Artistic Tasting Menu

This interactive contemporary dining experience combines fine dining with fine art, with each of the seven tasting courses complemented by a dynamic artistic experience projected onto the table in front of each guest.

Viking Restaurant

Mediaeval Experience from Scandinavian Fjords

Is this what Valhalla looks like? This themed dining experience invites only the bravest to feast like the ancient Scandinavians did, though undoubtedly with a little more refinement and finesse. Enjoy live fire performances and folk music as you dine on meat and seafood galore.

Dinner in the Sky

Soirée Suspended from a Crane

Take a seat at the table, strap yourself in, and watch the ground slowly fall away as a crane lifts you and your fellow diners high into the air, offering you unobstructed views of the whole city whilst the chef prepares your meals.

1484 by Puro

Ras Al Khaimah
The UAE’s Highest Restaurant

Right at the top of Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah lies 1484 by Puro, the highest restaurant in the United Arab Emirates, affording guests epic views through floor-to-ceiling windows over the rugged mountains beyond. Enjoy an international menu with everything from Thai curries to English fish and chips.

Avalanche Cafe at Ski Dubai

Surrounded by Snow

If you thought seeing snow in the middle of Dubai was already bizarre enough, you can treat yourself to a coffee and a snack at the Avalanche Cafe, tucked between Ski Dubai’s two main pistes, giving you a snug spot to watch as skiers and snowboarders shoot past down the hill.

Boomah: The Owl Cafe

Abu Dhabi
Coffee in the Company of Owls

As you may have guessed from the name, this Abu Dhabi cafe has its own resident live owls waiting patiently for you to order your food and drinks before heading over to say hi. You can interact with nine different species of owl, and maybe even hold one of the wise, winged creatures.

Ossiano at Atlantis, The Palm

Immersed in a Floor-to-Ceiling Aquarium

Look in any direction at Atlantis’ Ossiano restaurant and you will be confronted with brilliant blue water from floor to ceiling, and myriad species of fish and other sea creatures - 65,000 in total - exploring the enormous aquarium around which Ossiano is built. That’s a backdrop that’s hard to beat.


Haute Cuisine Meets Visual Art

Another restaurant combining visual art with fine dining, Dubai’s Krasota describes itself as a ‘gastronomic immersive theatre’, combining food from Michelin-star chef Vladimir Mukhin with unique art and visual storytelling for each group of 20 guests who reserve a place at the table.


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