Thursday May 30th, 2024
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Album Spotlight: Ash - Self-Discovery

As he ventures on his global album launch tour, Ash gets introspective on his new release, ‘Self-Discovery’.

Scene Noise

Album Spotlight: Ash - Self-Discovery

From performing at the Mont Royal in Canada, Akyaka in Turkey and the White Desert in Egypt, French-Egyptian artist Ash’s music seems to have touched every corner of the earth. A blend of traditional instrumentals with electronics, his music seems to necessitate grand settings and environments to enhance the unique auditory experience which comes with his sounds, anchoring the live performance into the material and present reality it finds itself within.    

Drawing his inspirations from his dual nationality, notably songwriter Julien Clerc and Egyptian diva Umm Kulthum, Ash is constantly stitching two worlds together. As he ventures on his global album launch tour, with his first performance at Lac du Caire, Ash gets introspective on his latest release, ‘Self-Discovery’. Constantly grappling with the multiple universes Ash lives in, ‘Self-Discovery’ - as the name suggests - is a tool for Ash to come closer to understanding the elements which shape him. 

In this exclusive SceneNoise interview, we sit down with Ash as he guides us through the tracks which have most impacted the trajectory of his career, reveals the meaning of his stage name, and explains the meaning of ‘Self-Discovery’.


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