Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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DJunkie Drops Egyptian Pop-House Track 'Haramt'

The track sees Ramy DJunkie sampling Algerian-Lebanese sensation Warda’s vocals from her classic song, ‘Haramt Ahebak’.

Riham Issa

Egyptian-Kuwaiti producer and sound manager of local hip-hop trio Arabian Knights, Ramy DJunkie, has recently dropped a new pop-house track ‘Haramt’.

Known for reimagining classic Arabic music, spinning everything from commercial tunes to old-school hip-hop classics, Ramy has built himself a reputation in both the local and the international clubbing scene.

Offering a rather uplifting disco party-approved mix, the track ‘Haramt’ sees DJunkie sampling the reverberating vocals of Algerian-Lebanese singer Warda El Gaza’rya, from her 1993 classic ‘Haramt Ahebak’. Earlier this year DJunkie also released ‘Shaka’, a house ambient take on Khaleed Haggag’s ‘Shaka Haka Baka’.


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