Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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El-Morabba3 Announce Concert in Paris in Solidarity With Palestine

The Palestinian/Jordanian indie band will deliver their debut performance in Paris alongside Lebanese producer Zeid Hamdan.

Scene Noise

Jordanian/Palestinian indie band El Morabba3 will deliver their first concert in Paris on January 27th in solidarity with Palestine, bringing Lebanese underground legend Zeid Hamdan along with them as a guest performer.

After a long hiatus, the indie/electronic outfit has recently reformed after original band member and Jordanian artist Muhammad Abdullah brought Palestinian producer and sound designer Basel Naouri into the mix. Since the band’s drummer and guitarist left long ago, El Morabba3’s music witnessed a radical shift in artistic direction, going towards extremely experimental, synth-based electronic music.

Throughout the changes, Muhammad Abdullah’s politically-charged lyrics and conscious approach has remained one of the signature characteristics of the band’s musical identity. Having emerged in the midst of the Arab Spring, their music shed light on the Palestinian struggle, the Gulf war and the Arab political landscape.

Their Paris debut will be held at FGO-Barbara, a platform dedicated to contemporary music, with all the proceeds from the event donated to the benefit of Palestinian children. Tickets are available on the Billetweb website.


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