Monday June 24th, 2024
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Frequency - Electronic Releases of the Month | December - January

Our editorial playlist featuring a diverse selection of MENA electronic music released between December 2023 and January 2024.

Scene Noise

Frequency - Electronic Releases of the Month | December - January

After a three-month hiatus, our Frequency playlist returns to showcase the most eclectic electronic sounds. Frequency is SceneNoise’s monthly editorial playlist focusing on the vast world of electronic music coming out of the MENA region, bringing you releases from across house, techno, downtempo, industrial, and experimental music.

This month, our selection features some of the most prominent producers of the region like Raxon, Rolbac, and Tourkey & Selim. These are some of the most exciting releases of December 2023 and January 2024, including Miishu and Emmanuel Jal's captivating track ‘Yuma’, a dance-club remix of Stevie Wonder's classic hit ‘Another Star’ by WAHM, a collaboration between Egypt-born producer Raxon and techno legend Adam Beyer titled ‘The Signal’ and, finally, our exclusive NoiseRecord release, Chiati's mesmerizing ‘In The Dark’.


Rolbac - Mystical

Tourkey & Selim - Another Way Out

Chiati - In The Dark

WAHM - Another Star

Jad Taleb ft. Naftaline - Leafcutters

Miishu, Emmanuel Jal feat. Nyadollar  - YUMA

Adam Beyer & Raxon - The Signal

Hello Psychaleppo - Off

Alan Dixon & Misty Edit - Wala Ala Balo


Arrab - Pschnet Crown

Bluetoof - Newt Licker

RooneyNasr - Bad Behavior

Karim El Khayat - Take Control

Listen to the full playlist here:


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