Monday March 4th, 2024
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German Nightclub Berghain Cancels Arabian Panther Gig Due to Palestine

German nightclub Bergain cancels Lebanese-French techno producer Arabian Panther for his pro-Palestine stance.

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German Nightclub Berghain Cancels Arabian Panther Gig Due to Palestine

Renowned German nightclub Berghain, celebrated for its influential status in the global techno scene, stirred controversy when it abruptly cancelled Lebanese-French artist Arabian Panther's performance on Friday, January 12th. The artist, known for his unwavering pro-Palestine stance, took to Instagram to share the unsettling details of the incident. Berghain's indirect communication, citing "renovation work" as the reason, raised eyebrows.

Arabian Panther revealed that the club, rather than reaching out directly, informed his agent, Kendal, attributing the cancellation to the artist's "global communication on his networks." Despite the initially cited renovation excuse, the club later clarified to Kendal that Arabian Panther's outspoken advocacy for Palestine prompted the decision.

The Lebanese producer, firmly established in the techno scene, considers the Palestinian cause to be an integral part to his musical journey. He consistently showcases his support by donning a black keffiyeh during performances. Against the backdrop of Germany's pro-Israel stance during Israel’s ongoing aggression on Gaza, Berghain's decision to distance itself from Arabian Panther, a symbol of artistic activism, raises questions about the intersection of politics and art within the influential techno hub.

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