Monday June 24th, 2024
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Hisham Kharma & Lena Chamamyan Use Spatial Sound on ‘Ya Mosafer Anta’

The Egyptian artist teams up with Armenian-Syrian singer Lena Chamamyan in their latest release exploring Dolby Atmos technology.

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Hisham Kharma & Lena Chamamyan Use Spatial Sound on ‘Ya Mosafer Anta’

In his latest venture, Kharma has teamed up with Armenian-Syrian singer-songwriter Lena Chamamyan on ‘Mosafer Anta’, where the duo use Dolby Atmos technology to implement spatial audio into the production and creation of the track.

From film scores to contemporary Arabic electronic music, Kharma’s work has helped establish his reputation in the community as a well-rounded musician, composer, and producer.

‘Mosafer Anta’ explores the popular sonic style of blending Western electronic music production with a traditional style of Arabic songwriting, courtesy of Chamamyan, who wrote the lyrics for the track.

“I am very excited to collaborate with Lena, who has a unique kind of voice, also the Dolby Atmos technology helped me to create a surround sound to make the audience feel like they are part of the song. Meanwhile I’m on different kinds of projects, which will be announced soon.” Kharma stated.

On her collaboration with Kharma, Chamamyan said: “Mosafer Anta’ is a call to listen to the passion inside us, to keep it glowing and full of life, moving forward, even if we are walking slowly, or the circumstances have changed. Yes, it’s okay to feel tired or pause a little, but we must be back to the track again. Time passes, why the wait?”

Listen to the full track here:


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