Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Italian DJ Dimmish to Headline Cairo's 'Clubbing Purposes' on June 9th

A 14-hour long DJ set in the heart of Cairo's fifth settlement featuring International Italian DJ Dimmish.

Moataz Gwaily

Italian DJ Dimmish to Headline Cairo's 'Clubbing Purposes' on June 9th

Get prepared for a long day of tasty house and techno music with this latest installment of 'Clubbing Purposes'. Brought to you by Shiha from Epic 101 Studios, this iteration is set to air on Friday, June 9th at Kensho in Hydepark, New Cairo.

Featuring a unique lineup of DJs that span half the world round, the bulk of the day's music will be spun by four Egyptian DJs, Awadly, Azaar, Ghoneim, and Shiha himself. The lineup also includes Emilie Haus, coming all the way from Japan, and headlined by the Italian DJ Dimmish.

Dimmish is one of the most appreciated artists in the underground Minimal and Tech House panorama, thanks to his innovative style and unique grooves. With an education in sound engineering and music technology, his intuitiveness and passion towards analog and modular synths have helped him develop a distinct vision and sound.

The day will start at 1PM and go all the way to 3AM. So, be prepared for a long day of beats from some of Egypt's finest, alongside some tasty international exports on this latest round of 'Clubbing Purposes'.


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