Sunday February 25th, 2024
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Jordanian Rapper Shbash Explores Dark Sonics In '3'AREEB'

With choppy flows and a laid-back attitude, the Jordanian rapper continues to expand on his signature rap style.

Zaid Kreshan

With his catchy flows, syncopated rhythms, and self-reflective songwriting, Jordanian rapper Shbash has been developing a signature style which combines sonic elements of electronica with his distinctive, heavily auto-tuned vocals.

After releasing his 2022 track ‘SAWARE5’ with Jordanian-Palestinian rap pioneer, The Synaptik, Shbash looks to Bethlehem-based producer Smokoholic as a collaborator and co-producer on this release to expand on his minimal yet constantly grooving sound.

On ‘3’AREEB’, we get to hear a more personal side of Shbash, questioning who he is as an artist and painting a picture of his owe-no-favours mentality.

The track turns towards a dark and nuanced sonic palette, doubling down on synthesised layers and textures to contrast the upbeat, heavy-hitting drum groove that keeps the track moving forward.

When paired with Shbash’s syncopation and laid-back performance, the track’s subdued atmosphere adds variety to the danceable release.

Listen to the full track here:


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