Monday June 24th, 2024
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Moroccan Ghita Askari debuts with lush soul single ‘Illbealright’

A stunning debut of a bilingual Moroccan artist with a tasteful strain of soul pop.

Moataz Gwaily

Moroccan Ghita Askari debuts with lush soul single ‘Illbealright’

Moroccan singer and songwriter Ghita Askari has been bubbling beneath the surface for a while and is already a figure with a healthy following on social media platforms, making it a bit of a surprise for her followers that this is her very first release. With ‘Illbealright’ Askari is inviting listeners into a world with creamy and luscious pads, a composition that’s laden with mystique and soul that’s further heightened by the rich production detailings.

The slow tempo of the cut beautifully compliments the composition, in an affair that blends Lorde’s soul pop sensibilities, with Radiohead’s focus on sound design. The bilingual French and English segments effortlessly imbue the piece with an exotic charm that goes well with the rest of the elements, while the vocal performance and words are confrontational and -at points- borderline aggressive, impassioned and sincere. Ghita’s voice is also effortless and her performance is low-maintenance, which drew us in even more.

‘Illbealright’ is an outstandingly well made debut. A well-weighted introduction into a soulful realm of pop that’s populated by very few artists, who Ghita Askari will easily be a distinctive part of, with her linguistic abilities, vision for sonic design, and her tasteful songwriting. A class act.


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