Sunday July 21st, 2024
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Moroccan/Sudanese Artist Areej's 'Bandwidth' is an R&B Throwback

The track showcases Areej’s vocal prowess through emotive lyrics against a backdrop of piano undertones, akin to R&B classics.

Riham Issa

Moroccan/Sudanese Artist Areej's 'Bandwidth' is an R&B Throwback

Cover photo credit: Kane Folasade John Oluwo

West London-born Moroccan-Sudanese sensation Areej delivers a soulful R&B throwback in her latest single ‘Bandwidth’

Vulnerable, honest and raw, ‘Bandwidth’ offers an intimate glimpse into Areej’s genre-bending sonic dreamland, blending together elements of classic R&B, funk, and jazz, and laced with neo-soul harmonies. Building up to the chorus of the track, Areej showcases her raw gospel-like vocal prowess with emotive lyrics against a backdrop of poignant piano undertones and slow spellbinding drums, evoking a nostalgic feeling inspired by R&B classics.

‘Bandwidth’ stands as the lead single of the artist’s forthcoming EP ‘The Fifth Blossom’, which will be released in April 2024. Produced by Gideonite, the track sees Areej delving into universal themes of love and yearning in her distinctive dark blues and urban jazz-infused sound.

Raised in a conservative Muslim family, the 26-year-old artist found solace and freedom of expression in music and songwriting. Armed with the rich tapestry of her multicultural heritage, and deeply influenced by the 90s R&B classics she grew up with, Areej was able to develop her versatile sound. In 2022, the rising artist made her breakthrough in the global music scene with her first single ‘Guided’, from her debut EP ‘G.B.O.F’ (aka ‘Guided By Our Fears’), which saw her navigating feelings of loss and pain, while simultaneously seeking a guiding light amidst her turmoil.

The ‘Bandwidth’ music video, directed by Sudanese director Sara Gadir and Areej herself, features the artist gracefully swaying against blue skies and a pink-neon background, combining lo-fi vintage film footage with contemporary cinematography–which beautifully complements the track’s melancholic undertones.

Watch the full music video here:


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