Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Rap of the Week | May 23 - 30

This week's list includes new tracks from KOAST, Lege-Cy and Lil Alex.

Scene Noise

 Rap of the Week | May 23 - 30

The SceneNoise team is back with another edition of our release radar, aka Rap of the Week, highlighting the hottest hip-hop releases from the MENA region across various subgenres. This week's list includes new tracks from KOAST, Lege-Cy and Lil Alex.

Lege-Cy released an emotional track titled ‘El Wa2t El Daye3’. This marks his first official release since his critically acclaimed full-length LP, ‘Placebo’. The song showcases a shift in Lege-Cy's sound, embracing more electronic production while featuring less rapping and more singing. However, his signature sonic identity remains intact.

Next, Lebanese producer and songwriter 3li3bboud joins forces with El Rass and Salloum for a hip-hop anthem titled ‘Sane3 A7ziye’. The track is featured on 3li3bboud's debut producer-driven album, ‘Ashya2 La Taraha Fel Ganoub’, which was released this past week.

Further along the playlist is Tunisian artist KOAST, who brings us her latest release, ‘Nevermind’. The track blends R&B and hip-hop, featuring KOAST's laid-back vocals over a mellow production. KOAST's lyrics touch on personal and assertive themes, with a hint of emotion. TRACKLIST:  Hyper249 - BATH TAGREEBY

3li3bboud - sane3 a7ziye (feat. El Rass & Salloum)

Lil Alex X L5vav X Rashed - Clay

Samara - La Vie D'artiste


Dareen, S13 & revdor - El Ma7faza

Lege-Cy - Elwa2t Eldaye3

Abo El Anwar - Lazem Newady ft. Lil Baba


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