Thursday July 25th, 2024
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SceneNoise to Host Discussion on Artist Self-Promotion at XP

Panelists Lewis Atallah, Lana Lubany, Nadine El Roubi and Tarek El Mendelek will discuss music promotion in today’s industry.

Scene Noise

SceneNoise to Host Discussion on Artist Self-Promotion at XP

In this year’s edition of XP Music Futures, SceneNoise will host a discussion on the role of self-promotion in today’s music industry. As music discovery continues evolving rapidly, it has become increasingly important for artists to take advantage of social media platforms to grow their audience.

While self-promotion works extremely well for some musicians, it often requires a completely different set of skills to what other artists bring to the table. With platforms like TikTok and Instagram, the need for artists to have a strong digital presence continues to increase with each iteration of technology and social media - but how can artists better integrate promotion into their workflows? And what cost-effective alternatives are there to self promotion in the contemporary music scene?

In this panel, we will hear from artists, industry professionals, and experts in leading social media platforms to understand the trials and tribulations of self-promotion, and how artists can adapt to the current demand for content.

The panel will include:

Lewis Atallah, co-founder of Coming of Age, who has contributed to the region’s music scene with his work creative directing for Saudi pop artist, Mishaal Tamer, and having shot the music video for Saint Levant’s ‘Nails’.

Palestinian-American pop sensation Lana Lubany, whose music has found great success through TikTok and short-form content.

Sudanese rapper and artist Nadine El Roubi, who blends hip-hop and neo-soul into politically driven and often controversial freestyles, accumulating millions of views across platforms along the way.

Tarek El Mendelek, former Label & Artist Partnerships Manager at TikTok, and - as of October 2023 - Artist Manager at MDLBEAST.

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