Monday June 24th, 2024
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SceneNoise to Host 'The History of Arab Hip Hop' at XP Music Futures

In this SceneNose-hosted panel, regional pioneers Abyusif, Freek and Malikah, along with record executive Moe Hamzeh, will discuss the history of Arab rap at XP Music Futures.

Scene Noise

SceneNoise to Host 'The History of Arab Hip Hop' at XP Music Futures

As the region’s music scene continues to develop at an unprecedented rate, rap music in particular has found its way into the MENA mainstream to become one of the industry’s dominant genres.

While contemporary rap has been enjoying a recent boom, the Arab world is no stranger to hip-hop subcultures emerging throughout the years. From politically charged styles gaining popularity in the early 2000s, to more experimental scenes arising in Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon, the history of Arabic rap has taken many shapes since its inception.

On Day three of this year’s edition of XP Music Futures taking place between 7th-9th December in JAX District, Riyadh, SceneNoise will be hosting a panel discussion between Egyptian rap icon Abyusif, UAE-based trailblazer Freek, early hip-hop pioneer Malikah, moderated by industry veteran and Executive Director of Arabic, Regional Music & Talent Development at MDLBEAST Moe Hamzeh.  

Celebrating 50 years of hip hop this year we’ll take a look back at the staggering impact and progress of the genre in the MENA region. Tracing back a timeline of the evolution of Arabic rap through the lens of some of the region’s most prolific OGs - unpacking the past and current trends from old school to trap, autotune to diss wars, drill to afrobeats. We’ll be hearing how the artform gained mass traction where previously oppressed and how different countries are crafting their own definitive Arab hip hop sound and what the scene needs to progress.

Make sure to reserve a spot for the panel by purchasing your tickets to XP Music Futures.


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