Monday June 24th, 2024
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Select 190: Mixed by Marwan

In this 65-minute-long set, expect a seamless mix of some hard groovy Berlin-ish sounds and some Detroit 90s classics.

Scene Noise

Select 190: Mixed by Marwan

This week's Select is brought to you by Marwan, a young DJ and uprising producer who developed a deep passion for music at the early age of 15. Born and raised in Egypt, Marwan was enchanted by techno and its wide selection of sub-genres, from Detroit to grooves and industrial. Marwan found his home within the distorted kicks, rumbles and the energy it radiates on the dance floor. The uprising producer started spinning about a year ago with hopes of turning over the underground club scene in Egypt, and has since been keeping parties alive with his eclectic mixes.

In this 65-minute-long set, Marwan steps away from his usual industrial set and experiments with all different realms of techno. The set features tracks from global powerhouses like The Sixth Sense, Surgeon, and The Aztic Mystic. Expect hard, hip-shaking groovy beats, Berlin-ish hypnotic sounds and some Detroit 90s classics, all seamlessly weaved together within the heavy waves of percussion and bass.


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