Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Sep 15, 2023

Rap of The Week | August 18 - 24

This week’s playlist features some of the most popular rappers across the region like Lil Eazy, Muhab and Karim Osama.

Scene Noise

This time on Rap of The Week, we bring you the latest from up-and-coming Egyptian rapper Karim Osama and popular Egyptian producer Riff, who have just released their latest pop-infused collab ‘Tetzawel’.

Meanwhile, Egyptian rapper Arsenik takes a step outside of his comfort zone, partnering up with acclaimed German-Egyptian artist Aida El Ayoubi on a sentimental track, ‘Ben Naren’, which is featured on the soundtrack of the new rap/MMA film ‘5 Rounds’.

You can also listen to Palestinian rapper Alex showing off his rapid flows and witty wordplay in ‘Elrad Elsaree3’, Tunisian rapper Defame and Alexandrian bar-dropper Raptor’s electrifying drill release ‘Afghani Mode’, and Egyptian rapper Muhab’s follow-up to his latest album ‘Ya Kahera’ with the high-energy  trap release ‘1’.


  • Riff & Karim Osama - Tetzawel
  • Lil Eazy - Atmah
  • Alex - Elrad Elsaree3
  • Walgz - Marsa
  • Arsenik & Aida El Ayoubi - Ben Naren
  • M4lek - Sayrah
  • Muhab - 1
  • Raptor & Defame - Afghani Mode
  • G-salih - Pipe Dream
  • Veto - Goddamn (Prod. Tomass)
  • Showkey - Msh Fady
  • Samara - 7050
  • Abdullah Trill - Allahwakelik (Prod By. Aiman)

Listen to the full playlist here:


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