Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Rap of The Week | August 18 - 24

This week’s playlist features some of the most popular rappers across the region like Lil Eazy, Muhab and Karim Osama.

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Rap of The Week | August 18 - 24

This time on Rap of The Week, we bring you the latest from up-and-coming Egyptian rapper Karim Osama and popular Egyptian producer Riff, who have just released their latest pop-infused collab ‘Tetzawel’.

Meanwhile, Egyptian rapper Arsenik takes a step outside of his comfort zone, partnering up with acclaimed German-Egyptian artist Aida El Ayoubi on a sentimental track, ‘Ben Naren’, which is featured on the soundtrack of the new rap/MMA film ‘5 Rounds’.

You can also listen to Palestinian rapper Alex showing off his rapid flows and witty wordplay in ‘Elrad Elsaree3’, Tunisian rapper Defame and Alexandrian bar-dropper Raptor’s electrifying drill release ‘Afghani Mode’, and Egyptian rapper Muhab’s follow-up to his latest album ‘Ya Kahera’ with the high-energy  trap release ‘1’.


  • Riff & Karim Osama - Tetzawel
  • Lil Eazy - Atmah
  • Alex - Elrad Elsaree3
  • Walgz - Marsa
  • Arsenik & Aida El Ayoubi - Ben Naren
  • M4lek - Sayrah
  • Muhab - 1
  • Raptor & Defame - Afghani Mode
  • G-salih - Pipe Dream
  • Veto - Goddamn (Prod. Tomass)
  • Showkey - Msh Fady
  • Samara - 7050
  • Abdullah Trill - Allahwakelik (Prod By. Aiman)

Listen to the full playlist here:


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