Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | Aug 12 - 21

This week’s playlist brings you a genre-bending selection featuring artists like Hana Ghoneim, Dina Elwedidi and Hady Moamer.

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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | Aug 12 - 21

Cover Photo by Samir Ghaith

On this week’s edition of Shreet Cocktail, our selection brings you Hady Moamer’s latest UK garage bop ‘Manseetesh’, where he makes an homage to his hometown of Luxor, Hana Ghoneim’s latest psychedelic-pop release ‘Dawsha’ (Ft. Mina Samy), as well as Dina Elwedidi’s new single ‘Ya Ghazal’ with production duo Twyxx, in which she embraces upbeat summertime sonics.

We also hear from Lebanese synth-wizard Etyen, whose latest electronica release ‘Schon’ takes listeners on a vivid journey, while Saudi Arabian artist Klinsh teams up with Egyptian producer Riff to give us a brand-new sound that explores darker pop aesthetics.

Shreet Cocktail will now be brought to you on Mondays to coincide with our weekly broadcast on Radio Al Hara.


  • Hana Ghoneim - Dawsha (Ft. Mina Samy)
  • Almas X Amadio - Aaksohom
  • Hady Moamer Ft. El Shiekh Ahmed Bren- Manseetesh
  • Ambi - Ihim
  • Klinsh - Minnak Lillah (Ft. Riff)
  • Dina Elwedidi X Twyxx - Ya Ghazal
  • Etyen - Schon
  • Kenza Blanka Ft. Sybka -  Denya Dwara
  • Amany - Simply Friends
  • Andrew Mounir X Engy Waleed - Dandan
  • Sagy - Mesh Sohab Ft. Andrew Mounir
  • Qow - Kol Maghanni Ft. Mariana Jouzova
  • Waleed - Diario
  • A.m.r & Kymira - Lacuna
  • Zone+ - A Star
  • A28 - Ya Zein
  • Saif Safadi - Mali
  • Rasas - Ma Sefi Hada
  • Young Sewi - Ahwak
  • Assyouti - Sodoof Antithese
  • Bashmohannad - Laz2a Fi Bali
  • Naka - Ashrar

Listen to the full playlist here


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