Sunday April 14th, 2024
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WORD: Fulana - Ya Thalam Ya Kabes

Saudi Arabian artist Fulana tells us about her journey with mental health and fully exploring her emotions on her latest track.

Scene Noise

WORD: Fulana - Ya Thalam Ya Kabes

In this episode of WORD, Saudi Arabian artist and producer Fulana tells us about the lyrics behind her introspective synth-pop track ‘Ya Thala Ya Kabes’ from NoiseRecords’ 13 track compilation album ‘Manshaa’.

Having been misdiagnosed with borderline personality disorder, the artist had viewed her feelings as overly dramatic and extreme in the past, but after coming to terms with her way of thinking, Fulana states that she now understands herself better. On ‘Ya Thalam Ya Kabes’, she allows herself to process her emotions in the way that explores both the darkness and the joy that she feels, while embracing her individuality and unique perspective.

WORD is SceneNoise’s new series unpacking the lyrics of our favorite artists from across the MENA region. In each episode, we ask them to shed light on the meaning behind their most iconic verses, taking us behind the scenes of their writing process and between the lines of their penmanship.

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