Saturday June 15th, 2024
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XP Conversations - Nightshift: Bringing Pop Hits to Riyadh’s Scene

Members of the Riyadh-based live band tell us about their philosophy of creating interactive experiences out of their shows.

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XP Conversations - Nightshift: Bringing Pop Hits to Riyadh’s Scene

With recent legislation changes in Saudi Arabia leading to a boom in the kingdom’s music scene, live music has become a newly invigorated nightlife activity, drawing local musicians and bands together to form a burgeoning community within the kingdom. Saudi Arabian pop band Nightshift have since become a local favourite with their energetic music and interactive performances, setting them apart in Riyadh’s live music scene.

In this edition of XP Conversations, we spoke to Nightshift about their approach to live music, how they fire up a crowd with their renditions of mainstream hits, and about their recent foray into writing their own original music. They also tell us about the amount of hidden talent found in Saudi Arabia, and how the initiative taken by XP Music Futures helps to unearth the music of gifted artists around Saudi Arabia and the region.

Watch the full interview here:


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