Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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XP Conversations: Seera - The Female Saudi Band Breaking Stereotypes

Members of the Saudi Arabian rock band tell us about their journeys with music, and about performing all over the kingdom.

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XP Conversations: Seera - The Female Saudi Band Breaking Stereotypes

Over the past year, Seera, the all-female Saudi Arabian rock band have become a force to be reckoned within the kingdom’s music scene. Blending serpentine melodies with visceral instrumentation, Seera’s take on Arabic indie rock mixes a wide range of influences to somehow land between energetic punk rock and groovy psychedelia. Since releasing their debut single ‘Junoon Almal’ in mid 2023, the band have been dedicating their time towards live performances, playing all over Saudi Arabia, while simultaneously working on new releases to expand their discography.

In this XP conversation, members of the band, Meesh, Thing, Nora, and Haya give us a glimpse into their musical backgrounds, having learned to play music long before the kingdom underwent the legislation changes enabling them to perform publicly. They also talk about the recognition they’ve received over the past year, reminisce about performing around Saudi Arabia, and about their experience at XP Music Futures in the past, having attended a workshop for female artists, which had helped embolden them along their journey.

Watch the full interview here:


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