Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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XP News: Berklee Abu Dhabi Music Summit Returns Feb 24th-25th

Berklee Abu Dhabi Music Summit returns for its third year, offering diverse workshops with Ahghami, XP and more…

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XP News: Berklee Abu Dhabi Music Summit Returns Feb 24th-25th

On February 24th and the 25th, the third edition of the Berklee Abu Dhabi Music Summit will offer a weekend of live performances and educational sessions to motivate aspiring songwriters and musicians, and serve as a hub for creative professionals in the MENA region within the Berklee Abu Dhabi centre, fostering connections between the Middle East and Berklee’s global network.

Under the theme of ‘The Business of Independent Artists’, the event will feature a jam session led by Berklee faculty, including pianist Victoria Theodore, who has played on tour alongside Beyonce and Stevie Wonder. Notable activities include workshops with XP Music Futures and audio technology company Dolby Atmos, a listening session with Anghami, and discussion panels with educators from Berklee's worldwide community, while key participants include Dean Sean Skeete, Interim Chair Tyrone Chase, and Assistant Professor Brian Jantz.

A panel discussion entitled ‘Managing the Artist Manager - Your Music, Their Business’ will take place on February 24th, featuring Tanya Awad from XP Music Futures, Lara Khoury from Quartertone, Moe Hamzeh from MDLBEAST, and Shelley Frost from The Fridge. The panellists will offer insights into recruiting an artist manager and ensuring their alignment with the artist's interests, covering contract negotiation, team-building strategies, and the multifaceted roles of artist managers and booking agents. Moderated by Tiece Edwards, Founder and Executive Director of Snap & Boom, the panel will explore the complexities of balancing creativity and business in the music industry.

On February 25th, the XCHANGE workshop will take place from 3 PM to 5 PM, exploring topics such as artistry, business, education and wellness within Abu Dhabi and the wider region. Through guided discussions and networking opportunities, XCHANGE will dive into the essential elements for empowering independent artists to succeed. Within a select group of approximately 40 to 80 participants, attendees will engage with fellow professionals in the music sphere, discover fresh perspectives, and enjoy a special performance by students from a music school.


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