Thursday July 25th, 2024
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XP Releases of The Month - September 2023

SceneNoise and XP Music Futures team up to bring you the freshest tracks released in September 2023.

Scene Noise

XP Releases of The Month - September 2023

Releases of the Month is a collaboration between SceneNoise and XP Music Futures that brings you a playlist of the month's most noteworthy and not-to-miss tracks.

This month, Egyptian rap star Marwan Moussa released his latest album, ‘Import// Export’. While the album is full of tracks to blast on repeat, ‘7ob Khena2’ featuring Nourine Abouseada stands out as our favorite pick of the album, as the playful delivery and inventive writing style allows Moussa and Abouseada to experiment with the format, arguing back and forth through their verses on the bouncy instrumental.

Saudi Arabian singer-songwriter Salma Murad is also featured on the playlist with her wistful vocal performance over a dream-like piano instrumental on her latest release ‘Esh Alsabab’, while Egyptian singer songwriter Donia Wael and producer El Waili make the list with their latest shaabi-inspired electro-pop track ‘Mnml’.

Other artists in this selection include Egyptian Grammy nominated rapper/producer Hady Moamer, who fused UK garage and and RnB inspired rap flows on his latest release ‘Manseetesh’, and Syrian-German electronic act Shkoon with their latest dancefloor bop ‘Al Furat’, where they embrace an airy and uplifting sound in the track paying tribute to its namesake: the river Euphrates.


  • El Waili X Donia Wael - Mnml
  • Salma Murad - Esh Alsabab
  • Hiya - Banadi
  • Deus Deserto - Shomi La
  • Hady Moamer Ft. Ahmed Bren - Manseetesh
  • Shkoon - Al-furat Feat. Metatext
  • Wingii - Sidi
  • Majid Jordan - Waiting For You (ft. Naomi Sharon) 
  • Marwan Moussa X Nourine Abouseada - 7ob Khena2

Listen to the full playlist here: 


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