Monday June 24th, 2024
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Zee3 - Aug - Sep

This editorial playlist brings you some of our favourite shaabi-inspired music released between August and September.

Scene Noise

Zee3 - Aug - Sep

Zee3 is SceneNoise’s monthly playlist exploring the multifaceted world of post-shaabi music, bringing you everything from colourful mahraganat releases to experimental interpretations of traditional shaabi sonics.

This month, we heard from Egyptian superstar Wegz with his latest release ‘7elwa Menak’ from the film ‘Voy! Voy! Voy!’, reviving the song from his unreleased catalogue. Wegz’ signature rap style and expressive delivery are complemented by the driving shaabi instrumental produced by Sintax.

With a collaboration between two of the genre’s most influential duos, El Sawareekh and Double Zuksh are also featured on our selection with their fast-paced and energising release, ‘Meen Bs Kan Ysdaa’.

Egyptian producer El Mokh also makes his way into our monthly playlist as he tells a captivating story of his childhood upbringing through his latest album, ‘El Magzar’. Meanwhile, rising singer-songwriter Monika teams up with enigmatic producer Umi on their dizzying release ‘Bein El Nas’, where Monika showcases her vocal chops over an intricate, percussion rich instrumental.


  • Wegz - 7elwa Menak (Prod. Sintax)
  • El Mokh - El Magzar
  • El Sawareekh Ft. Double Zuksh - Meen Bs Kan Ysdaa
  • Sulisizer X Helal X Venom - Khadm
  • Monika X Umi - Bein El Nas
  • Ortega - 5alek Nafsk
  • Omar Kamal & Hassan Shakosh - Fe Dahya
  • عليا الطلاق كله بيكدب - Kozbara
  • Mohamed Mounir & Myriam Fares - North Coast
  • Molotof - I Take Off To Cairo (Remix)

Listen to the full playlist here: 


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