Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Ziad Zaza Returns Fired Up With 'SKHNT'

A video for Ziad Zaza’s new single ‘SKHNT’ captures him in a sentimental performance, continuing his musical exploration journey in a wide array of genres.

Omar Ghonem

Ziad Zaza continues to surge forward into the scene, showing no signs of slowing down. Since emerging onto the scene in 2022, the rapper has maintained an impressive momentum, releasing not only two full-length albums and an EP within the last two years but also an array of hard-hitting singles that established the young rapper as one of most prominent stars in the Egyptian rap scene. Zaza is as consistent as it gets, while refusing to confine himself to a singular sound or genre.

In the video for Zaza’s latest single, 'SKHNT', produced by Ismail Nosrat Ziad Zaza immerses himself in a sentimental performance in black and white. The track carries a sort of soft, sombre and soulful energy, differing from the usual hard and heavy Zaza we're used to. However he reintroduces a similar vocal-riffing style that appeared on ‘Sam3 Akhina’, the rage banger that was released on his latest LP ‘Zaza Elwasem and a simple 'bada, da, da da' chorus somehow manages to quickly become a welcome ear-worm in the track. Overall 'SKHNT' provides a real glimpse into Zaza's ongoing evolution.

Watch the music video directed by Karim Mourtada below.


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