Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Egyptian Brand Cabana Swims Creates Gemstone-Inspired Modest Swimwear

Designed in London and crafted locally in Egypt, this sustainable modest swimwear brand is making waves this summer.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Egyptian Brand Cabana Swims Creates Gemstone-Inspired Modest Swimwear

Inspired by the allure of gemstones, the captivating hues of sunsets, and the serene ocean breeze, Cabana Swims celebrates simplicity and understated beauty. Designed in London and meticulously handcrafted in Egypt, their swimwear simultaneously showcases natural beauty and individuality.

With a gentle focus on simple motifs and delicate shades inspired by gemstones like aquamarine, blue topaz, and tourmaline, Cabana Swims creates modest yet captivating swimwear that complements the wearer while honouring craftsmanship and sustainability. By addressing a market gap for modest swimwear, the brand combines high-quality materials with eye-catching designs.

Founded this year by two enterprising Egyptian entrepreneurs, Ali El Raddad and Abdulrahman Tarek, Cabana Swims emerged from El Raddad's observation of the challenges faced by his mother and sisters in finding high-end modest swimwear. "Cabana Swims seeks to promote the significance of diversity and empower women to embrace modest swimwear with confidence," El Raddad tells Scene Styled, further expressing the founders’ mutual goal of challenging existing disparities and raising global awareness about the importance of diversity in the fashion industry.

Drawing inspiration from the serenity of gemstones, the designs feature soft hues and smooth patterns that evoke a soothing sense of tranquillity. Playful embellishments adorn the swimsuits, mirroring the lively nature of their namesake stones. Cabana Swims prioritises sustainability by opting for premium polyamide instead of conventional nylon and polyester, setting an example for environmentally conscious swimwear design.


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