Tuesday March 5th, 2024
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From Runway to Runway, Fly Emirates is Recycling Seats into Sneakers

Drawing from the resources of over 100 jets, leathers and fabrics sourced from seats will now receive a new lease on life.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

From Runway to Runway, Fly Emirates is Recycling Seats into Sneakers

While Emirates Airlines is most definitely synonymous with luxury, that luxury hitherto was confined to air travel, but now the airline is taking its idea of luxury (and sustainability) to new heights. Kickstarting an innovative - and let’s be real, slightly amusing - upcycling project, the airline is making an ingenious move capitalizing on their fleet of double-decker A380 aircrafts currently undergoing a design overhaul. 

With tons of leather and fabrics from first and business class seats facing retirement, Emirates has unveiled a grander plan - transforming the to-eliminate material into a limited-edition footwear and accessory collection.

Drawing from materials sourced from over 100 jets, the refurbishments would have resulted in a surplus of premium seat coverings. Rather than discarding these luxurious textiles, Emirates aims to repurpose them into a covetable capsule collection. These opulent fabrics will be transformed into luxurious shoes, belts, and bags, transitioning from the aircraft's runway to the fashion runway, granting them a new lease on life.

With plans to release the capsule collection in 2024, one can’t help but wonder…will these new shoes be fly?


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