Wednesday April 17th, 2024
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HOYE's Evening Wear Celebrates Confident Women and Timeless Style

Inspired by daring women, Yara Eletreby seeks to empower others through confident designs.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

HOYE's Evening Wear Celebrates Confident Women and Timeless Style

Against the backdrop of vintage Parisian architecture laden with history, the latest collection from Egyptian luxury ready to wear label HOYE came to life. Founded by Egyptian model-turned-designer Yara Eletreby, HOYE is making sartorial waves with gorgeous evening wear designs.  

Based between Egypt and Dubai, HOYE creates high-end evening wear with signature cuts and luxurious fabrics. For the latest collection, photographed in a classic romantic Parisian backdrop, Eletreby drew inspiration from leading female figures who dared stand out throughout history. "The collection is inspired by daring women. I seek to empower by making confident attire accessible," Eletreby tells SceneStyled.

Featuring statement necklines, dangerous slits and shimmering metallics, each piece exudes a ‘femme fatale’ allure. Far from a casual Friday night line, HOYE targets dynamic women whose evening wear choices are made with independence and edge in mind.

Eletreby’s journey into fashion began when she first entered the modeling world at age 17. "Working with various brands at a young age during my pharmaceutical studies was overwhelming, but it exposed me to different cultures and styles," Eletreby tells SceneStyled. After pursuing other career paths, Eletreby identified a gap in the market while searching for the perfect brunch dress; "I couldn't find what I wanted, so I decided to create my own." 

Yara taught herself the fundamentals of design, production, and marketing to launch HOYE, "starting your own brand poses daily challenges, but the process helps you learn and grow," she notes. Her first venture consisted of just five dresses but quickly evolved with her passion and skill. HOYE now features luxurious ready-to-wear pieces that redefine standards of evening fashion.

HOYE's latest collection is no exception, with gorgeous cocktail and brunch dresses in shimmering fabrics, pops of color, cut-outs, and daring silhouettes turn convention on its head.


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