Monday April 22nd, 2024
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How Sandra Gargour Carved Adversity into Timeless Elegance

Hailing from Lebanon, Gargour’s journey is one of beauty, a love for art, and a commitment to goodwill.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

How Sandra Gargour Carved Adversity into Timeless Elegance

“A woman must be her own woman; have her own beliefs, her own identity. Pave and follow her own path, not that of others…and do so with a piece of jewelry that is hers and hers alone.”

In the fashion world, trends come and go, but true artistry endures. This is abundantly clear in the jewellery creations of Sandra Gargour. Blending contemporary design with ancient craftsmanship, Gargour has carved out a singular niche - with her most recent collection a tribute to the art of micro-mosaic. Born against the backdrop of a conservative household, Sandra initially pursued a career as a business graduate in the hospitality industry, seeking self-discovery and connection with the world around her.

“I grew up in a very conservative household, so I guess you could say a part of me lacked the self esteem I needed in life. Being in the hospitality industry had me talking to so many people, building relationships, and just exploring who I am as an individual who is navigating her life, environment, and country,”  designer Sandra Gargour tells SceneStyled.

While she demonstrated success in her role managing various operations, an unsettled feeling lingered that it was not her true calling. Interacting with people and navigating professional relationships provided valuable skills, but did not fully satisfy her creative passions. After several years, Gargour started to crave more self-expression and independence. She shifted directions slightly towards catering, hoping this would allow greater flexibility to explore.

“It dawned on me that this was not quite the path I wanted to pursue for my whole life,”

Not long afterwards, Sandra discovered she was pregnant with twins. Given her high-risk pregnancy due to underlying health issues, doctors warned the prospects were grim for both mother and babies. Facing the potential of losing her children or even her own life, Sandra drew deeply on her inner strength and resilience. She resolved to persevere through faith in defying the doubtful prognosis. Against all medical predictions, Gargour carried the twins to full term and gave birth to two healthy baby boys.

“With faith, I pushed through. That experience instilled within me a realisation that life was too short not to pursue your passion. I just knew I had to do something to spread love, spread good. Something that was my ‘Nadr’ - a gratitude to God for keeping me alive. And so I started selling jewellery and donating the profits…”

As she slowly regained her health, a friend commissioned Sandra to design some bracelets. Praising her artistic eye and attention to beauty, hundreds of orders soon followed. It was at this moment that Sandra's calling crystalized - she would start her own jewellery venture. With $700 in savings and fierce determination, Sandra founded her label with a philosophy of empowering others through charitable partnerships.

“I split all my profits between charity and reinvesting in myself. Now years later, I can proudly say that I’ve made something of myself, for myself, and for other people; those who like my creations, and those in need that benefit from their profits...”

Supporting local talent and craftsmanship, Gargour harbours the belief that it is her calling to touch the lives of those less fortunate; whether it be through supporting local jewellery artisans or allocating her profits to those in need.

“Having a platform is a blessing from God, and helping those who have not been as fortunate is the least I can do.”

Flash forward, and Gargour’s eponymous label has blossomed into a story embraced by many across Lebanon, Egypt, and the Middle East. At the heart of each design lies Gargour’s signature - lustrous pearls fused with precious gems like diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Yet her latest collection reveals an unexpected new vintage chapter, venturing into the realm of micro-mosaic.

In her latest collection, Gargour unveiled a selection that resonates with vintage allure and artistic charm. Her creations featured an array of micro mosaics, adorned with yellow gold, pearls, and other precious stones.

“Micro Mosaic pieces just hold so many stories; hundreds of years ago you would see women walking around Italy adorned with these gorgeous pieces, and that timelessness is what drew me in.”

Nature has always been a great inspiration for Gargour. As a woman deeply connected with the natural world, she finds beauty and meaning among growing things. The dreams that fuel her creative spirit originate from the same place. Just as all women originate from and return to the earth, Gargour finds inspiration in the ever-changing tapestry of the natural order.  

For Gargour, true luxury is found not in price but in personal significance. Each piece she designs for clients tells a story unto itself. Through bespoke construction honouring generations of techniques, her micro-mosaic jewels become singular works that enhance the wearer's own narrative. In this way, beauty, history and humanity interconnect through Sandra's pieces, living beyond fashion into timeless treasures.

“Every single piece has a story behind it, every piece is unique and handmade for a singular wearer, and that, in and of itself, is a story.”


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