Thursday October 5th, 2023
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Sep 15, 2023

Korean Label fffpostalservice Drops Egypt-Inspired Scarab Collection

From Korea’s Seoul all the way to Giza’s soul.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Donning beige flare cargos with artful panel constructions and black balaclavas to shield themselves from Giza's unforgiving sun, Korean label fffpostalservice embarked on a captivating photo shoot for their upcoming Fall/Winter 2023 collection aptly named Scarab, drawing inspiration from the realms of fantasy films.

Scarab presents a striking fusion of epochs, seamlessly merging contemporary fashion, futuristic visions, and a touch of military influence. The collection features parachute jackets with stand collars, exuding an air of adventure, while sand-colored flared cargo pants adorned with subtle blue stripes evoke the serene hues of a desert oasis. Each piece showcases intricate technical details, forging a path for bold and audacious fashion statements.

Fffpostalservice, rooted in Seoul, Korea, proudly embraces its identity as a ‘never-ending sci-fi motion picture’ ready-to-wear label. The brand skillfully blends avant-garde aesthetics with practicality, seamlessly weaving fantasy into wearable fashion that captivates the imagination.


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