Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Monochrome Monday: The Golden Lime Edition

There's a new citrus in town.

Mai El Mokadem

Monochrome Monday: The Golden Lime Edition

In the ever-changing landscape of fashion, a fresh hue is stepping into the spotlight: golden lime. This isn't your typical green. Golden lime exudes a refined elegance, with a hint of warmth that sets it apart from the lively vibrancy of traditional lime green. Picture the lush glow of a newly sliced lime bathed in the golden hues of a summer sunset. Embraced by numerous regional brands, golden lime steals the spotlight in this week's Monochrome Monday feature. Join us as we explore a curated selection of zestful pieces from MENA brands.

1) Amina Galal x Faten El-Gredly 

Crochet Piece

Starting off with a more muted version of the colour, this crochet garment from Amina Galal, made in collaboration with Faten El-Gredly, mixes and matches hues, with golden lime as the star.

2) DWL

Dila Set

On the more tangy scale, the Dila Set from the Nigerian Qatar-based brand challenges the stereotypes of women’s formal wear. Ditching the standard monochromatic colours, the brand brings a vibrance to more serious occasions.

3) Arabel

Pilomo Sandals

These embellished sandals from the Lebanese brand are the perfect pair to step into the warm weather with style. This summer twist on their classic design features an interplay of light and dark green hues.

4) True Dat

Aliana Set in Pistachio

A blend of sweet and sassy, this set combines the refreshing coolness of pistachio ice cream swirled with a hint of zesty lime. A summery outfit, indeed.

5) Maison Pacinthe Badran

La Meduse

‘La Meduse’ is correct. A confection of dreams, layers of golden lime tulle cascade down from a beautifully fitted strapless bodice. Adorned with intricate embroidery, the dress blends ethereal elegance with a hint of playful whimsy.

6) Manar Laktineh


Syria Kuwait-based designer Manar Laktineh crafts the Ayla bag in a playful mix of lime green and golden lime, perfectly capturing the essence of a fresh, sun-ripened lemon. That's the magic you'll carry on your arm. 

7) Cana


This fitted dress shimmers days on end, its fabric catching the light like a million tiny emeralds. The cascading drapes dip around the bodice for a bit of drama, while the elegant neck scarf completes the look.

8) Elbe

Monogrammed Scarf

Timeless elegance and subtle self-expression meet in this scarf, elevating any outfit and bringing a hint of colour.


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