Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Monochrome Monday: The Hot Pink Edition

The weather may be hot, but this Monochrome Monday looks hotter.

Amy Reid

Monochrome Monday: The Hot Pink Edition

Dear loyal fans and soon-to-be followers of Monochrome Monday,

In the spirit of Cairo transitioning from a comfortable let’s-dine-alfresco warm to a why-are-my-eyelids-sweating scorching, we bring you a little bit of hot pink inspiration, so that your outfit might reflect what’s within.

Astute readers may feel the urge to point out that a pair of trousers encrusted to the millimeter with crystals are probably not the most breathable option for city heat this summer. In response, we’d say that you’re absolutely right, but wearing and doing virtually anything in this heat is counter-intuitive, and the importance of channeling galactic-70s-disco-ball chic (or Barbirecore chic) all year round far outweighs one’s risk of sunstroke, not to mention one’s risk of blinding a passer-by as the midday sun ricochets off of you in every direction. This said, our vision for this pretty-in-pink ensemble pictures wearers stepping from air-conditioned vehicles into air-conditioned venues, and not anything much more physically strenuous.

This Monochrome Monday special borrows both from the runway as well as from independent boutiques from Egypt and the MENA region. Starting from the toes up, we have, naturally, a hot pink pair of slingbacks in signature Amina Muaddi style, a totally bedazzled two-piece set from FW22/23 Georges Hobeika, this moon-shaped evening bag from Kato, and the 4TH Circle Top from visionary Jordanian label Nafsika Skourti.

To round off the look, a little bit of extra bling on top of the head-to-toe embellishment of your outfit feels necessary. This ring by Ofa is perfectly playful, and in case the night takes you beyond the iron-clad walls of your office interiors, pop on this hot pink piece of tailoring by Egyptian label Shahira Lasheen on a whimsically planned night out.

It’s time to have a sizzle-off with the weather app. Only one of you will come out victorious, and we’ve got a feeling it’s going to be you. Maybe.

Nafsika Skourti 

4th Circle Top 


Luna Bag in Fuchsia 

Georges Hobeika 

A Martian Breeze 

Shahira Lasheen 

Strapless Long Fuchsia 


My Heart Ruby Twist Ring 

Amina Muaddi 

Begum Slingback Pumps 


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