Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Najwa Karam Dons Guinness Record-Breaking Gown by Jordan’s Kish Jean

Stretching a whopping 55.7 metres, the breathtaking cape required 118 metres of fabric and now holds the Guinness World Record for longest cape.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Najwa Karam Dons Guinness Record-Breaking Gown by Jordan’s Kish Jean

Najwa Karam took centre stage and left heads turning at her album launch event in Amman, Jordan, donning a striking and statement-making cape designed by Jordanian fashion visionary, Kish Jeane. Measuring a jaw-dropping 55.7 metres in length, this breathtaking cloak required an impressive 118 metres of fabric, securing its spot in the Guinness World Records as the longest cape ever created.

Karam exuded sheer glamour as she gracefully draped herself in the gold-embroidered cape, aptly named ‘Karizma’ by Jeane. Guinness World Records acknowledges this momentous achievement, stating, "On 27 July, (Najwa Karam) met with her enthusiastic fan base in Amman, Jordan, to unveil her latest album Karizma while becoming the first Lebanese singer to hold a Guinness World Records title."

The concept of a record-breaking cape was brought to life by Najwa's devoted fans and Guinness themselves. "The collaboration happened through Najwa's fan club here in Jordan. I was contacted a year ago and was told about the idea of breaking the Guinness World Record with a cape," reveals Jordanian designer Kish Jeane to Scene Styled. "To say I was happy to do it would be an understatement."

Known for infusing his avant-garde designs with edgy details like reflective leather, Jeane drew inspiration from Greek mythology to craft this show-stopping garment. The cape stands as yet another triumph in the Jordanian designer's boundary-pushing vision and his skill in creating singular statements for the modern goddess.

Jeane explains, "It all started with a variety of sketches - and the one you're seeing is the one Najwa chose. I envisioned a cape fit for a Greek Goddess that also conveyed my aesthetic and identity as a designer." What began as a fateful proposal from Karam's fans turned into a pivotal moment in Jeane's career. "It feels utterly incredible - never had I ever thought of being Guinness Certified. It hadn't even sunk in how important this is until recently; It's one for the books."

As he prepares to showcase his latest collection, ‘Reflections,’ at New York Fashion Week this September, Kish Jeane is determined to present his heritage and artistry to the world. "I aim to revolutionise the way people perceive fashion and create a fresh and innovative approach to redefine the course of the industry," shares Jeane with Scene Styled. "I want to represent fashion as the artform it is," he adds.

Throughout history, the cape has emerged as one of fashion's most dramatic and iconic silhouettes. From regal red carpets to elevated street style, capes make a bold statement as both a timeless garment with historical significance and a trendsetting piece that pushes boundaries. Originally functional, capes have evolved into symbols of status and opulence, donned by royalty and fashion icons alike. And now, a certain cape has been immortalised by a pop-princess and a fashion guru - a potential Disney movie, perhaps?


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