Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Sep 15, 2023

Palestinian Brand Trashy Clothing To Make Its Milan Fashion Week Debut

This Palestinian brand is about to set up camp in Milan.

Layla Raik

Fashion has, from its inception, served as both a weapon wielded in social battles and a shield of expression when navigating society. Whether on runways or at various social events, we often use our clothing to subtly communicate with those around us. Yet, somewhere along the way, we lost sight of the sheer joy that fashion can bring. Trashy Clothing, the Palestinian label known for embracing kitsch, has been reshaping this well-trodden narrative since 2018. This year, they're making their Milan Fashion Week debut.

Indeed, this label, which often draws inspiration from our heritage but presents it in a refreshingly unconventional way, will bring its Haifa Wehbe obsession and toktok-inspired prints - in the most endearing sense - to Milan.

“Satire became the natural language of our brand as we sought to challenge the existing norms in fashion,” explains Shukri Lawrence, the co-founder of TC, “Our debut in Milan is one step closer to dismantling this status quo.”

To Trashy Clothing, camp is everything. It is precisely the kitsch in their pieces that tells a rich story of culture, one that is then portrayed in a unique loaded form of Y2K, making camp clothing a form of stylistic revolution we Trashers are silently marching in.

“We hold a deep appreciation for the camp aesthetic, finding it both innocent and unapologetic. Camp has always surrounded us throughout our upbringing. In itself, the aesthetic challenges every standard set in the industry.”

Naturally, the brand’s Milan debut is bigger, better and Trashy-er than ever before. The outspoken collection, titled ‘Bourgeoisie, Mufflers, and Oil’, conveys a much heavier message than any of the burgeoning brand’s previous work.

“The research into this collection was quite depressing, as we delved into themes of money, corruption, and betrayal. However, the pieces will shed new light on TC. We reimagined our previous silhouettes and introduced new ones, making this the most TC collection to date.”


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