Sunday March 3rd, 2024
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Acclaimed Photographer Karim El Hayawan to Lead Special Fayoum Getaway

Headed by Egyptian photographer Karim El Hayawan, local art platform Malaz Experience invites photo-enthusiasts to visit the Fayoum Oasis, known for its farmlands and dedicated craftspeople.

Farah Ibrahim

If you ask where you should go to learn some down-to-earth, genuine Egyptian craftsmanship, often the answer you will hear is to head south of Cairo towards the verdant countryside of Fayoum Oasis, where you will find Tunis Village, often referred to as the pottery capital of Egypt. Placed within a basin of farmland, which itself is surrounded by seemingly endless stretches of desert, Tunis Village is known for its charming architecture and accessible crafts workshops, and it is here that local art platform Malaz Experience is hosting a photo-centric trip alongside distinguished Egyptian photographer Karim El Hayawan.

Taking place on November 15th and November 16th at Kom El Dikka Agrilodge, ‘What You See is What You See’ will expose participants to a wide variety of photography tips from El Hayawan, whose work has been featured at the Institut Du Monde Arabe in Paris, Hafez Gallery in Abu Dhabi, Al-Ahram’s Salon for Fine Arts and Darb1718 in Cairo as well as CNN’s Connect the World, along with a number of galleries and publications across Egypt.

“Fayoum is very diverse. When you’re walking around Tunis Village, you’ll find a lot of shots for portraiture, architecture, and nature,”  El Hayawan tells SceneTraveller. “That provides a lot of freedom for photographers. When I was approached by Malaz Experience, they really were open to offering a flexible method to pursue this experiment, and in exposing the students to different directions.”

Participants will be given the opportunity to attend video screenings, critique sessions, and special photography outings to some of Fayoum’s most iconic landmarks, including Qarun Palace, Lake Qarun, and its massive desertscapes. They will also be able to sit in on a performance by Egyptian singer-songwriter Shahira Kamal.

Prices for the trip start at USD 432. Malaz Experience is currently accepting bookings through their Instagram page at @malaz_experience. Travellers to Egypt must present a negative PCR test that is no older than 72 hours prior to departure.


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