Sunday May 19th, 2024
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Dubai’s Kempinski Floating Palace Project Unveils First Mobile Villa

The first of 48 luxury mobile villas, Neptune features a private rooftop with infinity pool and a designated barbecue area.

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Dubai’s Kempinski Floating Palace Project Unveils First Mobile Villa

Initiated three years ago, the long-awaited Kempinski Floating Palace project, a floating hotel surrounded by 48 luxury mobile villas, has opened the doors to its first villa – Neptune.

Featuring a two-story layout with a private rooftop – which includes an infinity pool, an outdoor seating area, a designated barbecue area and an external driving control station – the lavish Neptune villa is also home to an open-concept dining area, a kitchen, a living room, a crew chamber, a service room, a cockpit, an outdoor seating space, and a platform designed for storing and launching jet skis.

Moored at the Dubai Palm Marina, the Neptune villa possesses the ability to navigate at speeds ranging from 6 to 8 knots per hour, courtesy of its environmentally friendly engines, which also offer the flexibility of running on electric power. These engines serve not only to propel the villa but also boast capabilities for waste recycling and seawater desalination. Additionally, the engineering design is intricately crafted to guarantee the villa's unwavering stability and resistance to waves while in motion.

“Since the inception of the project, our main focus has been on creating a distinctive and unparalleled experience that caters to the diverse needs of our discerning customers,” Mohamed El Bahrawy, Chairman of El Bahrawy Group, tells SceneTraveller. “The project's success is evident through the significant interest it has garnered from investors across various Arab and Western nations.”

The introduction of the Neptune villa is in harmony with the Group's overarching strategy to develop floating residential units that effortlessly combine luxury and sustainability, while also maintaining flexibility and privacy.


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